Our guest and apartmanhouses are located on the hill above the church of Saint Mary by the village of Kóspallag, deep in the heart of the Börzsöny region. The houses offer a handsome view to Kóspallag from the south, as well as to the South-Börzsöny mountains and Dobogókő. There is also an excellent panorama of the slopes of the mountains Vastag-hegy, Kopasz-hegy, Só-hegy, and Nagy-Sas-hegy.

Our guest and aparthouses have four-sunflower rating – the highest rating available to rural guesthouses. All eight double bedrooms have a separate bathroom, are fitted pinewood furniture – including wardrobes and a dressing table -, and reading lamps, as well as a television and Internet access. To ensure maximum comfort, all rooms are air-conditioned in the summer. The houses also provide spacious, enclosed parking lot (16 parking spaces available).

We operate our guesthouse in an environmentally responsible manner using a wide variety of renewable energy sources – hot water and additional heating, for instance, are provided through a solar thermal collector system.

We hope that our guesthouse will cater to your every need, and that your stay will be relaxing and comfortable.

Málnáskert Guesthouse